Michele Randall

 St. George City Council

I was born in Las Vegas and moved to Arizona at the age of five. My first week of junior high school, in Arizona, was an eye opening experience. Each day, there was a full police presence at my school because of all of the gang activity and violence on the school campus. So in 1978 my parents, Mike & Andy Miller, decided it was time to move their children to a safer community. My dad gave up a great management position with Southwest Gas and we moved without even knowing if there would be a job opportunity available for my dad in St. George.

St. George was the place we had all longed to live. My grandparents, Bert & Roma Staheli are lifelong residents of Southern Utah and my mom was born and raised in Southern Utah. We were anxious to be surrounded by family. It was a decision that none of us have ever regretted.

I graduated from Dixie High School and married Tony Randall. Tony was born and raised in St. George and we always knew that St. George was the place we wanted to stay and raise our family.

We have five children, three sons and two daughters. Four of our children are biological and one “bonus” son we were blessed to adopt into our family several years ago. We have two grandsons, one granddaughter and another granddaughter due in December.

We had the privilege of owning and operating Dixie Ambulance for 14 years. My husband and each of our five children are advanced EMT's. Our oldest son is a police officer, our middle son is a Navy SEAL, and our youngest son is in the paramedic program. Each member of my family has served or is currently serving their nation and community.

I have decided I now have the opportunity to serve my community by seeking elected office. We became "empty nesters" in September. I now have the time I feel is required to effectively serve on the council. 


I am concentrating on 3 T's in my campaign.

• Transparency

Promotes accountability and is vital to a healthy democracy. Any citizen should have the same access to information which I as a city councilor or city employee has. Decision making by the council should be open to public input. Public scrutiny helps insure that government works for the people.

• Team Work
We need to create an environment in the city where all employees feel comfortable working with residents. A citizen should be viewed as a partner in government, rather than a mere customer. Likewise our citizens need to understand the demands on city employees. 

• Tradition 
St. George is growing, but we should not outgrow our past. We should respect our heritage along with our future.

With your support getting elected I can assure you that I will listen to all sides of an issue and vote accordingly. I will never forget who I am representing, you, the citizens of St. George.


General Election

Tuesday,  November 5th